Scrooged Movie Trivia

1. In what city does this movie take place?

A. Boston
B. Atlanta
C. Philadelphia
D. New York City

2. On what classic story is this movie based?

A. Miracle on 34th Street
B. A Christmas Carol
C. Its a Wonderful Life
D. The Bells of Saint Mary's

3. Bill Murray plays the "Scrooge" character named Frank Cross. This character has a particular wall border in his office that says what?

A. 'Only the Strong Will Survive'
B. a definition of 'cross'
C. a definition of 'success'
D. 'That's the Other Guy's Problem'

4. Bill Murray's character had a brother in this movie. What was his first name?

A. Earl
B. James
C. Mike
D. Sid

5. Murray's character is visited by several ghosts. Who plays his dead boss who comes back as a ghost?

A. Richard Burton
B. Brian Doyle-Murray
C. Sean Connery
D. John Forsythe

6. The Ghost of Christmas Past was played by what musician?

A. George Thorogood
B. David Johansen
C. Bruce Springsteen
D. John Cafferty

7. Murray's girlfriend, Claire, works for what organization?

A. Habitat for Humanity
B. The Salvation Army
C. Operation Reach Out
D. The Red Cross

8. The Ghost of Christmas Present was played by which television actress?

A. Carol Kane
B. Mary Tyler Moore
C. Florence Henderson
D. Shelley Winters

9. What was the slogan Murray's television network used to promote holiday programming?

A. "Holiday Cheer on IBC"
B. "IB - C-us for the Holidays"
C. "The Best of the Season"
D. "Yule love it"

10. What was the name of Murray's underappreciated secretary?

A. Helen
B. Donna
C. Marla
D. Grace

11. The underappreciated secretary has five children. What is wrong with her youngest son?

A. He has amnesia.
B. He is crippled.
C. He doesn't speak.
D. He is blind.

12. What does Murray's character tell his secretary to send to his brother James for Christmas? What does the secretary actually send him?

A. television network tie/computer
B. shower curtain/CD player
C. bath towel/VCR
D. television network shirt/color television

13. What famous jazz musician makes a brief cameo appearance playing Christmas music on the street?

A. Kenny G
B. Barry White
C. Miles Davis
D. John Coltrane

14. Name the actor who portrays the employee that Murray fires in the beginning of the movie.

A. Brian Doyle-Murray
B. Bobcat Goldthwait
C. Chevy Chase
D. Rob Schneider

15. When Grace's youngest son, Calvin, finally speaks at the end of the movie, what does he say?

A. "Merry Christmas to all"
B. "I saw Santa Claus!"
C. "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings"
D. "God bless us, every one"

16. When Murray's character travels back in time to see Christmas past, what does his father give him for Christmas?

A. A sock in the head
B. A grapefruit
C. 5 lbs. of veal
D. A choo-choo

17. When Murray visited Christmas past again, what did he give his girlfriend, Claire, for Christmas?

A. Tupperware
B. Ginsu knives
C. A recipe book
D. Bath oil

18. When Murray visited Christmas present, what did his secretary have as a Christmas tree in her apartment?

A. The kids decorated a house plant
B. The kids drew a big picture of a Christmas tree
C. The kids decorated Calvin like a tree
D. The kids looked outside at a neighbor's tree

19. While visiting Christmas past in 1955, what does the Ghost of Christmas Past say Frank did way too much of as a child?

A. Watching television
B. Beating up his brother
C. Eating
D. Being disobedient

20. When Murray's character visits Claire at the homeless shelter where she works, whom do the homeless people think he is? (hint... they keep A. calling him Dick).

A. Richard Burton
B. Richard Dean Anderson
C. Richard Dawson
D. Richard Simmons

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