Elf Movie Trivia

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01. How does Buddy get his name?

02. Where don't a lot of people believe in Santa?

03. Finish this sentence " If he hasn't figured that he's _____ by now, I don't think he ever will."

04. Where does Buddy's real father live?

05. What animal attacks Buddy when he tries to give it a hug?

06. What is the store where Buddy goes after he is kicked out of the Empire State Building?

07. What is Walter Hobbs' youngest son's name?

08. What does Buddy say that the fake Santa smells like?

09. What kind of car does Buddy keep either getting hit by or avoiding?

10. What famous author does Greenway Press hire to help them with a pitch?

11. What flavor of Pop-Tarts does Buddy use in his spaghetti?

12. True or False - Buddy's real dad is on the Nice List in Santa's book.

13. What message is on the gift tag on the gift Buddy buys for his dad?

14. What is Buddy's real dad's first name?

15. What does Santa's sleigh rely on to make it fly?

16. True or False - Buddy and Jovie get married.

17. At Gimbels, what does Buddy make out of LEGOs?

18. Where did Buddy live for most of his young life?

19. What toy does Buddy not like?

20. Which foods do elves love to eat?

21. What does Buddy drink a whole bottle of that makes him burp long and loud?

22. What is the name of Buddy's crush?

23. Finish the line: "Past the sea of swirly twirly _______."

24. Who convinces Walter to find Buddy?

25. Finish the line: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is _________________."

26. What is the name of Buddy and Jovie's baby girl?

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