A Christmas Story Movie Trivia

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01. A Christmas Story was based on a book by author Jean Shepherd. What was the full title of the book?

02. What department store window were Ralphie and his friends looking into when he saw the Red Ryder, carbon action, 200-shot, range model, air rifle?

03. Ralphie placed an advertisement about the Red Ryder BB Gun in between the pages of one of his mother's magazines for her to find. What was the name of the magazine?

04. In a conversation between Ralphie's parents, the old man found out that his wife knew the name of the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse. What was his name?

05. Ralphie's little brother, Randy, was always a problem eater at the dinner table. Which food was it that Randy expressed that he hated?

06. What was Ralphie's teacher's name?

07. According to Ralphie, his hillbilly neighbors had at least 785 smelly hound dogs. What was the last name of the neighbors?

08. Who were the two kids that bullied Ralphie and his friends?

09. Which Christmas song were Ralphie, Randy, and his mother singing in the car before they got a flat tire?

10. At the end of the movie, Ralphie and Randy were asleep in bed. Ralphie was holding his Red Ryder BB Gun close to him. What toy was Randy sleeping with?

11. What is the topic of Mr. Parker's crossword puzzle?

12. When Ralphie tells his father he'll never guess what he got him for Christmas, what does his father guess?

13. In Ralphie's daydream where he defeats Black Bart, what does he call his Red Ryder BB gun?

14. What theme does Miss Shields assign?

15. What is Mrs. Parker doing when she 'accidentally' breaks the leg lamp?

16. When Mr. Parker leaves to buy glue to fix the leg lamp, what are the only words he can manage to say?

17. In Ralphie's imagination, when his teacher and mother are taunting him, what are they dressed as?

18. Ralphie's mother tells his father about his fight with Scut Farcus. (True or False)

19. What do the Parkers top their Christmas tree with?

20. How do Ralphie's eyeglasses break?

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